she's got great legs

We have all heard this said about a woman whose legs look beautiful.  But, did you know that the shoes you wear have a lot to do with how long your legs look?

Great legs start with a long look.  And, a long look starts with your shoe.  Heels can be sexy, but the cut of the shoe determines how your leg will look.

Here are some photos of our shoes that will make your legs look long.  Why?  Because each of these shoes has a lower cut in the front.  The lower cut, softly curved, will lengthen your leg.  A heel that is 2 to 3 inches high is the perfect height to shape your calf without making it look muscular.


Our model's leg looks longer because the cut at the toe of the shoe is deeper.  The more of your foot that shows from the toes up, the longer your leg looks.

The wedge is the perfect height to enhance her calf.




Flats can also give you the "long leg look" if you choose a flat that shows a lot of your foot.  Our model is wearing a flat that is cut to show the side of her foot.  And, the bow at the top creates a soft, feminine interest.