TLC for your shoes


As a shoe designer, I know that even the best made shoes will not keep their beauty without some tender, loving care.


TLC for your shoes starts with storing each shoe with a shoe tree.  You can find adjustable, plastic shoe trees for under $4 per pair online or at your local shoe repair shop.  A shoe tree keeps your shoes in their original shape.  Even after a long day on your feet, once the shoe tree is inserted the shoe will return to its original shape again.  This not only extends the life of your shoe but also insures that it looks great each time you wear it.

Please store your shoes flat with shoe trees inside if you want to insure a long life for your favorite shoes.  Shoe storage is best on a rolling shoe rack.  I recommend this shoe rack which allows you to correctly store fifty (50) pairs of shoes on a flat surface for well under $100.   

Toes of your shoes will show wear first.  To protect the toes, use rubber taps which your shoe repair shop can put on for under $2.  It may seem like a bother to put rubber toe "taps" onto the soles of your shoes before you wear them but it will save your shoe every time.  A small inconvenience for the lasting enjoyment of your shoes.

Lastly, be sure to keep your shoes clean.  Dust them, use a neutral cream polish to keep the leather supple and always, always - on a rainy day stuff newspaper into the shoes when you get home until they completely dry.  Rainy days the good days to dig out your less favorite or forgotten shoes to wear.  Rain and good shoes are a tough mix.

Step out looking your best with well kept shoes!