Top Fall Shoes for 2015

Shoes are addictive.  We all know it!

Tip:  Select carefully (below are the must haves for Fall)

Trends come and trends go - and you are left with a closet full of shoes that will not look good with your evolving wardrobe.  We preview three pairs - just three - that you will need.  AND - that you will wear and wear for longer than this winter.

Lace up shoes and boots are shown by every major brand.  These feminine shoes will look good for several seasons if you buy a pair that is not too over-done.  A little lace up will take you all the way.  

Pumps are always a good idea.  Dresses, jeans, trousers . . . everything looks great with a pump.  Suede is a good choice because it is soft and gives your feet a bit of stretch to breath as you wear them.  Suede looks elegant and can be easily maintained (see our blog from last week).  Black is a key basic but we also are liking red a great deal.

Chunky heel shoes are comfy to wear and they also make your legs look a bit slimmer and longer.  Plus, we have not seen these kinds of chunky shoes for a while.  It is nice to see them make a come back again.