taking risks

"And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk more."

Erica Jong

It is risky to start your own business.  Very risky!

Traveling alone in Oman seemed risky, until I made a new friend.

Traveling alone in Oman seemed risky, until I made a new friend.

You must decide to put "all of your eggs in one basket" - YOU.

You do not work for someone else, thinking that they will bear the risk when things don't go well (and, things, get off track often).  You do not have predictable income each month and must be budget minded.  You will not know if you will succeed, but you must not give way to doubt.  And, just maybe, you will encounter something which is too challenging and you will not make it.  It's risky.

Yet, you risk more by not trying to create a life of your own making and increasing your potential.  You risk never knowing how much you could change your world and the world of others.  You risk never feeling the sweetness of a victory that was hard won.  You will never know truly how strong you are until you put yourself on the line- and really accept the unknown world of the entrepreneurial venture. 

When you take a risk, a calculated risk, and invest in yourself and in your own company then you open the door wide for all possibilities.  You have one, short life and it is worth the risk to live it as you dream it can be.  Live your dream and create the life you want!