Love Letter Lining

Love letters are always inspired by great love and the lining we use in our handbags, which features pieces of love letters, was inspired by a great love affair of my own...

While reading a book on the greatest love letters ever written, I decided to incorporate these romantic thoughts into my leather handbags. You will find snippets of these love letters printed on the cotton lining inside each of our bags. The lines from the letters are fun to read while also adding a little romance to your everyday.

To me, a woman's handbag is a very personal accessory. What is inside of your handbag is rarely known to anyone other than yourself. So, it is important to me that the inside of your handbag is special and unique.

We have all spent too much time digging around to find something hidden inside of our bag. When I started my brand in 2000, I decided that I would create a cotton lining bright enough so that you could easily see what is in your bag. It also has a clear coating over it to protect from stains and spills and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. 

I hope that you enjoy, from time to time, some loving thoughts from the words inside your barr + barr handbag.

xo, Helen


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