It's a wrap!

One of the most essential pieces that you can own is a luxury cashmere wrap. The higher the quality of the cashmere, the longer it will last and look amazing.

Not all cashmere is created equal. Mongolian cashmere is the finest quality and cashmere pieces woven in Nepal are the best you can buy. Cashmere wraps were invented in Nepal over one thousand years ago which has provided a long time to perfect the art! 

If you are going to buy a cashmere piece, it is important to buy the best because it will last up to twenty years and will keep it's shape. Our cashmere is the highest quality that you can buy, we guarantee it.

A cashmere wrap is the best accessory for warmth and provides a lot more versatility in wear than a scarf. A quality wrap will be whisper soft, caress your body, and provide instant warmth. You can take it on an airplane, wrap it around you at home or at the office to stay cozy, add it to any outfit for a bit of glamour and wrap it around your coat for an extra layer of warmth during the winter.

The variations for wrapping are endless! Here are a few examples of how we are wearing our wraps this season...

Personally, I have had cashmere wraps for many years and loved them. This inspired me to design the perfect wrap for my collection. I took care to find the best quality cashmere, the right size wrap and the most flattering colors to offer to my customers. I think you will find these lovely wraps as essential as I do.

Stay warm!