think differently


"Change your thought, change your world."   

Norman Vincent Peale

As an entrepreneur, this approach literally kept me in business.  Let me tell you a story.

When I began my business, I had a great deal of "private label" work.  Meaning, that I created and manufactured handbags for other designer labels.  This was a great way to start my company because it meant that I did not keep inventory and could design for other established brands.  It created a good income for my business.  But, over time, my profits began to shrink.  Many companies decided that they would work directly with factories in China which would eliminate my business' role as the intermediary.  The business which I started would eventually find itself without clients.

It was time to find another source of revenue.  But, I was uncomfortable with this change.  I had started a good business with my private label work.  Then it came to me, why not start my own label?  I had been making a few leather handbags for my own use and was so often stopped on the street in Manhattan to ask where to buy the bag I was carrying.  Seemed like a new business opportunity to me.

barr + barr was created to fill a need for enduring, smart, American style made in great quality leathers.  It took time to get my own label off the ground and to make a profit.  I had to recreate my company and change my thinking.  I loved designing for my own label.  The turn around from private label to my label was not easy. Yet, it did happen - and - my world changed!  

Change your thinking - think differently - and new ideas will always come to you.