how to rescue your leather handbags and shoes!

A few good pointers that will breathe new life into your favorite leather handbags and shoes.  No need to fret about some spots.  Here are some rescue remedies:

  1. Using a leather conditioner will keep your leather handbags supple and prevent cracking.   For best results, be sure to remove any dirt from the surface of the bag by dusting it off with a soft clean cloth before applying the conditioner.  Wait a few minutes after applying and then use a new cloth to wipe clean.
  2. When treating oil stains on your leather handbag, use baby powder to coat the area and let sit overnight.  The stain should disappear by the next day.  If any stain remains, repeat the treatment again until clean.
  3. A great trick to cleaning dirt off suede accessories is using an old piece of pantyhose/nylon to buff the suede surface.  Or, cut the crust off a piece of bread and use the edge of the stale bread to gently run the dirt right off.  
  4. Use a makeup bag for all your cosmetics.  Never put them loosely in your handbag.  Once the top comes off your lipstick tube its too late!
  5. It is important to take time and care when storing your shoes and bags.  The best way to store leather accessories when they are not in use is in a dustbag.  Remember that storing your accessories in rooms that are too hot and humid or cold and damp will cause damage to the leather, suede or fabric.  It is also important to store your leather handbags neatly on a shelf with tissue paper inside to keep the shape.
  6. Be careful how much you carry and be sure never to overstuff your leather handbags. Doing so can stretch or misshape your bag, weaken the bottom, destroy handles and shoulder straps or rip the zipper.